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Welcome to the Nature Island

And welcome to avirtualDominica.com ~ a comprehensive guide to our beautiful Caribbean island, Dominica 

Get to Know Dominica – From hiking the lush mountain peaks soaring nearly 5,000 ft. tall, to diving the dramatic vertical walls of our underwater terrain, it’s no wonder Dominica can take your breath away at every turn.

Explore our site to find out what makes Dominica one of the best vacation destinations in the Caribbean for scuba divingwhale & dolphin watching, hikingbird watching, exploring a pristine tropical rainforest along our Waitukubuli National Trail, discovering our unique culture, find the perfect place to stay…or simply relaxing on one of Dominica’s secluded beaches or in our unique, natural hot springs.

Dominica's Safe in Nature Program

Dominica is Open for Business!

Visitors can come to Dominica on our Safe in Nature Managed Experience and get right into Dominica’s most-loved activities during the COVID Quarantine period. If you are a Scuba Diver or water enthusiast and want to get away from it all, visit Nature Island Dive for details about their DIVEAWAY Safe in Nature Program.

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Mini Dive Fest 2021



Explore Dominica’s Underwater World

Experience some of the Caribbean’s best Diving in the Soufrière Scotts Head Marine Reserve

Learn more about Nature Island Dive

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Commonwealth of Dominica

No Mandatory Quarantine for Vaccinated Travellers! Effective 9-July-2021

Learn to Speak Kwéyòl!

Kwéyòl Donmnik: Dominican Kwéyòl for Beginners by Sylvia Henderson Mitchell
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What's New?


Hurricane Maria

On September 18, 2017 at 8.30 pm Hurricane Maria hit Dominica as a Category 5 Super-Storm

Dominica is now on its path to recovery. Read more about Hurricane Maria here and find out how you can help Dominica rebuild.

Books Recently Published by Authors from Dominica

See full list pf books here!

Title Book Covers Author Description Publication Purchase
The Power of You Strachan, Olive In this book Olive shares with us the highs and lows of her business journey, how she has triumphed in the face of adversity and continued to run a successful business through a global recession to be awarded an MBE in 2019. 2020 Order on Amazon
Monkey Mind Madness Dorival, Sharon Come on a journey to experience chaos, humor, bitterness, love, sadness, anger, and sorrow. 2020 Order on Amazon
Beginner's Guid to the Kalinago Language Sanford, Adaiah This book is a beginner’s Journey to learning simple words and sentences in the Kalinago Language.The Kalinago People, previously known as the Carib Indians, live in a small reserve called the Kalinago Territory within the nature island of Dominica. 2020 Order on Amazon
Oceans of Thoughts: An Inspirational Walk through the Inner Self, Life and History McClean, Rosalind Severin Well known for her thought provoking and expressive poetry, this writer continues to shine with her play on words and expressive language that will evoke profound emotions from her readers. 2020 Order on Amazon
Why are Onions so Sad? (My Treehouse Collection Book 17131610) Alleyne, Jamie This children's book, from the magical Caribbean island of Dominica, tells the universal tale of little Onions and the puzzling reason they make us cry! Written by Jamie Alleyne with Ray Francis (Illustrator) & Damien Bellot (Contributor). 2020 Order on Amazon